How We Deliver

Getting the right people in the right roles is the fundamental building block of a high-performing team. Without the right people in the right roles, there is no team.

Our clients have choices. When the stakes are high, they need people with more complex qualities, skills and abilities. Our job is to sift through the variables and choose the candidates with the right attributes to fit the mission. We create a clear alignment between our talent process and your business imperatives. If you are committed to making a difference with your project and your clients, talk with us – we’ll help you do it.

Our consultants have choices too. Candidates for most key support positions that your organization has (in IT, engineering, marketing, creative, social media, customer service, project management) can work at many firms in many industries. You compete for talent every day with companies that are talent magnets. Our job is to surpass their recruiting capability, so you don’t lose out on the top performers and innovators.

If you want average workers or you have an indefinite time horizon, you certainly don’t have to worry about Activesoft’s recruiting power, but if you want the best, we will bring them to you. The game has changed, and it is no longer the largest or oldest staffing firms that win. Instead, it is the firm with the most innovative service that wins.

Niche industry practices

Leveraged service delivery

We are proud that every consultant in our database has a real connection to us. Our quality controls ensure that a resume can’t enter our active database unless the candidate has been personally reviewed and screened – not scanned for keywords and archived.

Because of our personal connection to our consultants, we enhance our network through the combination of their social and professional networks. Their networks include many times more qualified individuals than our recruiters’ networks alone. Thus, we leverage their relationships to your advantage.

Combining the traditional personal approach to recruiting with social networking techniques provides our customers with superior talent.

We give our consultants exceptional service.

It is our culture to provide the same service to our consultants that we provide to our clients. This is the most basic tenet of who we are.

We work with you to thoroughly understand your goals and expectations. Then we can give candidates the right information and select the ones who are the best fit at the best price. When you hire our consultants, we prepare them to transition onto your team. Preparation breeds confidence and builds early momentum. Thus you can leverage them and deliver better results faster than anyone thought possible.

Adam Neville Partner
Jennifer Venis Office Manager

We give our clients exceptional service.

We regularly communicate with you and the consultants to ensure everything is on track.

We measure and assess the quality and performance of the consultants that we provide as early in the process as possible, continuing to the end of each assignment. By deepening our understanding of your needs and preferences, we are able to pinpoint the people you need and extend your reach into tight labor markets at more competitive prices. We measure their impact on your business so we can predict the success of candidates for your next positions.

We intend to keep earning your business through providing better service.