Vision and Values

Our Vision:

Activesoft is dedicated to providing value-added IT Staffing services to our clients. Our passionate commitment to quality processes when qualifying and matching our IT consultants to client assignments forms the basis of our marketplace differentiation.

We are a company that aspires to have only great clients and great staff members:

  1. Great clients are companies who are stable and successful in their own right. They focus on the value and results they get from us and come to rely on us when they need high quality consultants on a timely basis. As a result of the exceptional value and customer service they receive from Activesoft, we have a long-term, mutual relationship of trust and respect.
  2. Great staff members are individuals with drive to do above and beyond. They consistently meet or exceed expectation and continually improve their knowledge and skill. Great staff members live our Corporate Values.

  3. Our Values:


    We will never, ever compromise integrity.


    We believe in professional conduct at all times.

    Customer as Partner

    We are dedicated and loyal to our customers, and we work together as Partners.


    We believe that without initiative, success is not possible.


    We believe that the greatest accomplishments are the result of a team - not of an Individual.