Career Management

Career Management

You know the career path you want and are already working in it – now what? Here is some advice on how to grow within your field:

“Make your boss’s job easier”: The first thing to realize is that on any rung of the career ladder, your goal can be summarized as the following: make your boss’s job easier. This is true for any task, regardless of whether or not it was technically in your job description. Do more than what is asked of you. Try to avoid “delegating up” by asking your boss questions such as “How should I handle this?” Come up with solutions on your own and then present them to your boss; 9 times out of 10 he or she will give you the go-ahead. This takes the strain off your boss and makes you look great.

Get organized:

Every morning, make a “to-do” list of things you want to get done, at the beginning of every day, moving the highest priority projects to the top. At the end of the day, re-evaluate the list to see what you actually accomplished. Make sure your desk space is neat and organized; a cluttered desk not only makes you look unproductive, you will waste valuable time searching for items buried in the chaos. Do the same with your computer by creating a file management system that will allow you to find anything you need quickly and easily.

Time management is crucial:

Don’t spend your time at work chatting online, emailing back and forth with your coworkers, or doing your personal shopping. Make sure you find a good balance between work and home life. If you don’t leave some time for yourself, you will be less productive, less motivated, and less successful at work.

Get feedback:

Make sure you are meeting with your superiors on a regular basis to discuss your performance and figure out where there is room for improvement. Don’t be afraid to ask you boss for feedback – if there is something holding you back from advancing in your career, you need to be aware of it.

Stay ahead of the curve:

Keep yourself up-to-date on industry trends, news, and developments. Subscribe to newspapers, magazines, or online journals that will keep you informed about your industry.


Cultivate a good working relationship with everyone you interact with on a daily basis - you never know who might put in a good word for you. Maintaining a friendly and professional decorum at all times will stand you in good stead with potential contacts and/or employers.